Pincinox, a likeable and stainless peg !

Pincinox was born from the desire of its inventor, Louis Violet, to create a simple and useful object that improves everyday life: a stainless steel peg handmade in his workshop in the town of Vitrolles since 1970.

Its originality and its strength come from Pincinox being manufactured from a single stainless steel strip (Aperam steel, former Ugine) which receives various treatments to obtain unsurpassed quality and strength.

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  • Technical Specifications

    Length : 65mm
Width : 8 mm

    Weight: 8gr

  • Reliability

    The Pincinox clothes peg is unbreakable, stainless, rust-proof and its hard-wearing spring makes it a peg you can rely on. There is no risk of finding a peg that’s fallen apart or worn out, as is often the case for plastic or wooden pegs.

    Beware of poor imitations which do not offer the same high standard of quality and security.

  • Ergonomics & Design

The shape of the clothes peg is inspired by its function. Its ergonomics have been designed to answer customer needs in all situations.

    The Pincinox clothes peg has been optimised to be easy to use whilst, at the same time, being a beautiful and pure object.

  • A variety of applications

    The Pincinox clothes peg adapts to every laundry line. Thanks to its two fixing areas, its simple design and its easy use, this familiar object, made of food-grade stainless steel, the peg can be used for a wide range of applications: On a line, hanging fresh laundry, DIY, cooking, tidying up, decoration, etc.

  • Made in France

    Pincinox is the only stainless steel clothes peg made in France. This makes it a unique, local product that’s the best you can buy.

  • Money Saving

    When you buy Pincinox clothes pegs, your purchase will save you money in the long run because the peg is so durable. While the initial cost is more expensive than wooden of plastic clothes pegs, Pincinox clothes pegs remain as good as new for many years. No returns have been recorded in 40 years of sales!

  • International

    The Pincinox clothes peg is an everyday object with global appeal as its usefulness and variety of applications are boundless!

A product for life

Pincinox is more than a clothes peg. It has become a trademark: an appeal for a more simple life where objects have many uses and are chosen for their quality and sustainability.

Like Loulou Violet, its inventor, let us keep our minds open and focus our attention on beauty and simplicity. Let's get the basics right.

Demand Pincinox quality!