Many stories to tell with you

Fastening, closing, suspending, displaying, conserving, drying, hanging, holding, decorating, linking up, joining, highlighting… There are so many applications of a Pincinox peg that it is hard to list them all…

A « crush » on this peg!

This charming object, either by its pure and simple design or by its usefulness, will accompany you in your daily life and will let you invent the applications that suit you.

A useful, beautiful and durable product, this is all that we need.

  • Taking care...

  • ...of what matters

  • Essential in a workshop

  • An efficient tool to get organized

  • At hand

  • Indispensable for decoration plans

  • Collecting good ideas

  • Sparking the imagination

  • Gathering good times

  • Useful in every situation

  • Partner of little things that make life happier

  • Remembers good recipes

  • Providing support to sweet moments

  • Preserving nice flavours

  • Coming along with little and big moments of life

  • Stimulating creativity

  • Always in the right place