What people are saying about Pincinox

Our clients talk about our products and do not hesitate to use themwhatever the weather!

Elegantly designed for a lifetime of service aboard your yacht. They are all-weather condition clothespins.

Unbreakable design, never find broken plastic/wood bits and rusting steel springs on your decks again. Never lose your towels and clothes overboard after inferior clothespins have broken - and no more rust stains left on your favorite clothing.

The last clips you will ever need to buy, with a unique solid one-piece forged stainless steel construction.

Numerous uses both onboard and at home. These are great for hanging delicate clothes and accessories in your closets.

Great for hanging holiday lights and temporary decorations of all manner. Keep food bags (chips, pasta, and crackers) closed and fresh. Widely used to keep sous vide bags hung in the correct position during extended cooking.

Compact and strong design (2.5 in. long x 0.3 in. wide x 0.7 in. high x 0.3 oz. [8mm x 18mm x 64mm x
8.5 g]) which allow storage of numerous clothespins in small, compact places.

This design also provides a superior grip to prevent an opportunity to lose items during high winds.
Made in France by the same family since 1969.

These stainless steel clothespins carry a lifetime warranty against rust and breakage.

Note: beware of cheap imitations and inferior copies. Many so-called manufacturers have tried to
copy this design and under sell them for less money. They offer no warranty and have not the
manufacturing experience of Pincinox.

John A. Stallings
Vice President
Manu Kea Incorporated

  • This time-lapse video, posted by one of our British resellers, shows a Pincinox clothes peg and a wooden clothes peg each immersed in a jar full of salty water and submitted to climatic variations over 3 months. While the wooden peg turns black, the Pincinox does not deteriorate.

  • This friendly English youtuber, Life in Notions, talks about Pincinox at minute 8 and strongly recommends our product!